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BR1: Infinite

Battle Royale
BR1 is a risk based third person shooter built on the Solana Blockchain. BR1 is an Infinite Royale where players pay $1 in SOL to spawn and earn the greater of $1 or 10% of the consideration of the enemy that they eliminate. Upon elimination, players retain 85-90% of the bounty they earned while playing.
Infinite Royale is an original game mode where players will spawn onto a map that already has hundreds of active players shooting and looting their way to victory. There is no official start of the match and there is no last player standing. The goal is to get as many kills during your character's life span as possible. In addition to earning while playing you can also rent your characters to other players for passive revenue share from their earnings, breed future generations of BR1: Operatives, or use your BR1 Operative to play in future BR1 games like our conceptualized MMORPG.
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